For established corporations Rapid Tampere provides a service to grow your research, development and innovation activities in the Tampere region in Finland.

We focus primarily on digitalization and enabling speed through startup & growth company collaboration.

Let's get collaborating.

Rapid helps you

Gather insight

into which areas of your business could be disrupted by digital solutions.


leading innovators globally that work in areas of your interest.


solution proposals from these leading innovators – let them pitch to you why you should work with them.


the potential business impact that new digital solutions and a collaborative approach could have on your business.



With Rapid Tampere you get a turn-key solution to speed up your innovation practices

Innovation roadmap

We help you assess the opportunities to work with growth companies, determine a focus area and set your goals for the next year and beyond.


We offer targeted identification of innovative growth companies with which your enterprise can engage.

Consulting on what the best way for your organisation is to take the next steps in starting partnerships.

Business opportunity evaluation

Via applied methodologies and workshops, we guide your enterprise in evaluating relevant business opportunities with identified partner candidates.

Quarterly Rapid Partner meetings

Partner meetings are a channel for upskilling your team members, sharing best practices, joint learnings and solving challenges in a confidential setting with other Rapid partners.


Integrating new data sources to improve customer experience

"We got to clarify our goals and validated the solution alternatives. Rapid Tampere offers an outstanding alternative for identifying solution providers across the globe for your pressing business challenges"

Antti Keskinen
Head of Innovation, Caruna

Founders, collaborate with industry leaders!

At Rapid Tampere, we help you build business with some of the largest corporations in their field. Our partners have a combined revenue of more than 10B EUR and many of them have a global market presence. Our goal is to help you grow your business with them. Leave your contact details, and we will get in touch when the next opportunity arises.

Let's get collaborating.

Contact us to discuss how your enterprise could benefit from Rapid Tampere.

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Network Coordinator, Partner Lead
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Partner Lead
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Network Coordinator
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Network Coordinator
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